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by appointment only

 In the case that clients do not show for their appointment or do not provide at least 24 notice of cancellation, they will be charged a fee before being permitted to schedule another appointment. 

Shane has closed his online booking option for now. If you are an existing client that was booking online.  You can text him directly or call the salon.  If you are a new client  in person consultation are required moving forward. You may call the salon and leave message and he will get you for a consult within 48 hours.  Shane is going through some transitions with figuring out how he can schedule his clients. If your new client he will go over his policy as you both learn what expectation are needed both from stylist and guest.  Thank you for your support during these last years. Has been a big obstacle for Shane to work through. 
My client, Kaelin, has started a GoFundMe page for me that will be providing weekly updates about my treatments. If you are interested in donating, please visit this link
I really appreciate all of the love and support that everyone has shown to me. If I can ask one thing from you: please try to keep our conversation on a topic other than cancer. Kaelin will be providing information on how I am doing on the GoFundMe page to keep everyone informed. But on the day to day, I cannot emotionally talk about my diagnosis with every client. 

This is a hard thing for me to do but I realized I need to focus on my health first and need to restructure my work life. My body needs to rest and heal. And I have not been able to do that. So I’ve asked for help and I’m trying to do everything possible to get a speedy recovery. 


Thank you for all support and love. I truely feel blessed. Thanks."

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